Each one a work of art

Our Rooms

Our rooms centre around a focal art piece and signature furniture making each one fun, distinctive and beautifully idiosyncratic. Each room tells a story of the culture and the history of not just the hotel, but the area itself. Each room has an exclusively selected art piece with the primary aim of heightening the visitors senses and allowing them to experience St Kilda first hand.

Our hotel is inspired by its founders and has been moulded by the wonderful characters and beautiful stories that have unfolded within our walls. Tolarno hotel is colourful and the furniture comfortable yet intriguing.

Our rooms go beyond a place for you to sleep and encourage growth and imaginatively. Our rooms showcase some of Australia’s beloved artists, such as Sydney Nolan and Howard Arkley as well as offer a platform for up-and-coming artists to exhibit their pieces and to excite the world, starting with our guests. Regardless of what room you are in, or what artistic inclination you have, every one of our rooms will tickle your senses and inspire you to experience the wonders of Melbourne.